As an Assitant Golf Professional you are constantly looking for ways to increase your value to your membership and the club. The partnership that AMF has established with Flexor, allows AGP Division members to persue an opportunity to be educated on the fitness side of golf instruction. The Flexor Training System is an instruction and conditioning program developed to help instructors and maximize their students’ performance through scientifically proven advanced motor learning. Flexor is centered upon a revolutionary, patented “in-position” training model. Flexor has been approved as a PGA of America Pre-Approved Provider of Education (pgalinks.com). Certified Flexor Instructors earn PGA MSR points as part of their 2-year Flexor certification.

Flexor employs a unique revenue share model for the golf professional. As a Certified Flexor Instructor(CFI), you will receive 20% of every kit sold. The Flexor kit retails for $199, so $39.80 of each unit sold goes directly to the CFI. As an AMF member your discounted Certification rate of $600 means you only have to sell 15 kits to recoup your certification fee.

“This is the first golf training program I have witnessed in over 45 years teaching and playing the game, to signifi-cantly improve learning, IMMEDIATELY, and is easily transitioned to the lesson tee. Flexor is the next revolution in golf.” – Dick Smith Sr. Former President, PGA of America, PGA Professional Hall of Fame