As spring season starts and golfers begin to frequent their facilities, it is important for golf professionals to get outside and be visible. During the winter months, there is a lot of time to be indoors, but now that the driving range is full and the golf course is back in use, getting out amongst the action is a vital move!

Here are a few tips to go the extra mile and make a good impression at your golf facility.

Meet and greet your members and their guests when they arrive on the property. Don’t just stand behind the pro shop counter when they walk in, stand outside and be that pro with a smile on your face. You can do things like offer to help them with their golf bags. Tell them how good the greens are rolling. Mention the weather forecast and the day’s high temperature. Be THAT GUY that members really appreciate. And be sincere at all times.

When you look out on your driving range during the busy periods, think about walking out there and giving free tips. People really appreciate a golf pro who offers advice when they didn’t have to. Make a good impression and enjoy yourself! Ten minutes per person is really all it takes and two or three times a week for an hour or so is really good for business! Say things that are easy to understand. Keep it simple. Be the expert and always show you care.

Pop up a tent and set up your golf club fitting systems on your driving range on a daily basis. Have your very own demo day, regularly! You will get plenty of visitors and you will find yourself busy doing club fittings. Offer visitors the opportunity to learn if their current clubs fit them. Have the latest and greatest equipment on hand for players to test. Offer the opportunity to take a club out on the links and try before they buy. Be visible and be knowledgeable. Have fun and be informative.

Remember that getting outside and getting your hands in the golf operation is what being a golf professional is all about. Sunshine and warm days are on the way. Be ready to get out in it and make a good impression. You will stand out as the true expert in customer service and as the golf professional that people remember.