AMF is constantly developing new ideas that will provide our members with the best opportunities to learn, share information, and network with their peers. Over the years the AMF website has become the ultimate tool to obtain all of those features. Our most innovative addition—just completed and launched—incorporates several different tools into one single program.

Every day we receive phone calls from AMF members with questions about how others are handling certain situations. The topics are widely varied, including course conditions, junior golf, tournament operations, merchandising, etc. We saw a need for members to be able to create a discussion group but at the same time have the ability to share photos, videos, documents, and external links. The ability to start or join a discussion group and review a variety of multimedia tools provides all AMF members with a valuable resource.

A key feature to this program is the option to invite members to join your group. The process is simple and the invited member gets an email notice sent to them directly from the website. This allows you to target certain members that you know would provide valuable insight into your particular issue or topic of interest. From there you can formulate a dialogue and share ideas by uploading photos and documents to obtain solutions that have worked for other clubs. This tool can be important not only to the AMF member but also the professional staff, superintendent, and club leaders.

From a networking standpoint there is nothing in the marketplace quite like this program. Your profile page is incorporated into the discussion board, allowing others to review your materials. This will give everyone the opportunity to put a face with the name, and see at a glance the posting member’s club name and location. AMF was built on the promise to develop services that will help Golf Professionals increase their value.

The Group program allows you to share information with other successful Golf Professionals with the intent of advancing your career and adding value to your respective club. Interactive programs like this one certainly provide you the platform to surround yourself with other Golf Professionals who are willing to share information and exchange ideas—there’s no doubt this will be an important resource to add value for you and your club.