Career Accelerator coaching program

“Your future success is built by the actions you take everyday.”  

Are you taking action today?

The most successful people in any industry know what they offer, where they want to go, and how they’re going to get there.  They set a plan in place and execute on a daily basis to work toward their goals, day in and day out.  And while they travel on their path to success, they invest in themselves, accumulating skills and experience that enable them to grow and develop, and stand out from their peers.  

The rest get left behind.  

The challenge is that most of this is never taught.  If you’re lucky, you have a mentor that does it for you, but we all know everyone is busy and asking for help can be hard.  

We’ve never had it spelled out, step by step, in a way that can guide you through the process of defining your future and helping to ensure you succeed when you get there.

The “Career Accelerator” Coaching Program was developed as a roadmap for Assistant Professionals to define your path by learning what works for you to create the impact you desire in your career.  

Here’s the process:

1. Know where you want to go, what kind of role you want, and the goals you’re trying to achieve

2. Succeed where you are today, becoming a leader in your current position

3. Build a great reputation, or better known as your BRAND

4. Land a great job when you have the chance, by preparing your materials and impressing in the interview

5.  Win in your new position leadership position…..and 

6. Communicate to achieve long-term success.    

This is the Career Accelerator. 

The program devoted to helping you achieve your goals so you can move your career in golf forward with sustainable success. 

As part of the cohort of fellow Golf Professionals, you’ll take part in…

A 1/2 Day Virtual Coaching Session

Delivered on Zoom with 6 lessons devoted to each step in this process.  

Getting hired in a coveted role is an investment from that club, from their members, and from their leadership.  

No matter what type of role you’re aspiring to land, people won’t invest in you unless you take the time, and put in the effort to invest in yourself.  

Don’t sell yourself short by ignoring opportunities for growth and development.  

Are you ready to invest in yourself and accelerate your career?

All lessons wil be recorded for viewing later if anyone misses the session.

The Career Accelerator One Day Boot Camp is open to GBN Members only.

Tuition: $199


Your Coach: Dean Kandle, PGA

With over two decades in the golf industry and 15 seasons as a Head Golf Professional, Dean not only brings his knowledge and expertise but a sincere passion for Professional Development. Dean has written over 50,000 words on the topic of Professional Development in articles and blog posts, as well as hosted 50 podcast episodes with industry leaders, authors and experts.  

He has carefully crafted and curated the educational content in each of his programs to specifically benefit PGA Professionals with practical and actionable information.

Dean’s Highlights:

St. Davids GC (Wayne, PA), Head Golf Professional, 2011-2021

Philadelphia Cricket Club (Flourtown, PA), Head Golf Professional, 2009-2010

Trump National, Bedminster (Bedminster, NJ) Head Golf Professional, 2008-2009

2020 Philadelphia PGA Golf Professional of the Year – 2019 & 2020 Philadelphia PGA Professional Development Award – 2018 Philadelphia PGA Bill Strausbaugh Award – PGA Certified, Golf Operations