Start Date: May 10, 2022
Total Compensation Range: $36,000-$40,000
Compensation Components:
  • Salary
  • Performance Bonus
  • Club Repair
  • Website Eagle Springs Golf Club

    Eagle Springs Golf Club is a private golf club consisting of 250 members and their families. The club is located approximately 18 miles west of Vail, Colorado, near the town of Wolcott. The club was created to provide a true private golf club in the Vail Valley, with the finest in private club amenities and experiences. The members at Eagle Springs come from all over the world belong to the finest clubs in all these locations. Its imperative that the service, facility, atmospheres, and staff at Eagle Springs must be of the highest quality and in fact exceed the standards of other fine golf clubs around the world.Eagle Springs Golf Club was formed to provide a truly first class private golf club experience for its members. Eagle Springs is the only truly private club in the Vail Valley, since membership is strictly by invitation only. The Club is not adjoined by any real estate development, and, unlike other clubs in the area, membership is not conditional upon or related to acquisition of adjoining real estate subdivision properties. Our mission is to serve the membership of the Club. Our goal is to provide an environment of the highest quality, in terms of golf experience, certainly, but also by achieving the highest standards imaginable for food and beverage selection and service, as well as the personal attention in the golf shop, locker rooms, and otherwise throughout the club.

    Type of Facility: Private - Member Owned
    Number of Holes: 18
    Rounds of Golf: Less than 15,000
    Club's Season: Seasonal - Club Closed in Off Season
    Indoor Teaching Facility: Yes
    Gratuity Policy: Non-Tipping Club
    GBN Members Only

    • Represents the Club in a professional manner using tact, diplomacy and courtesy when interacting with members and their invited
    • Respect fellow employees and foster an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation.
    • Develop an attitude, awareness and appearance commensurate with the level of service expected of the Club with the Outside
    Services Staff.
    • Coordinate with the Professional Staff for duties, schedules and tournaments to be done for the day/week.
    • Establish daily opening and closing Outside Golf Services routines.
    • Schedules and assigns duties to bag staff/range attendants and supervises their daily work.
    o Insists that staff are properly uniformed in clean, pressed uniforms wearing their nametags, radio and earpieces.
    • Insists on the cleanliness and organization of the Starter building and staging area including the daily washing and sweeping of the area.
    • Responsible for arrival and greeting of members and guests to the Club, and ensuring a seamless “flow” through the starter/staging area of the Club:
    o Maintain an ample amount of “ready” golf carts.
    o Establish practices for the loading of member and guest bags onto golf carts.
    o Ensure golf cart release forms are obtained and signed.
    o Provide instructions to members and guests on the location and use of the practice facilities.
    o Instruct members and guests with respect to Club policies.
    • Maintains in good, safe working order, the Club’s leased golf cart fleet:
    o Sees to the routine and daily washing/cleanliness of the golf carts as they are returned.
    o Details golf carts as needed to ensure they are maintained in neat, presentable manner
    o Develops a process for the stocking and restocking of the golf carts into a “ready” manner.
    o Makes notes, quarantines and organizes for the repair of damaged or faulty golf carts.
    • Ensures that the entire work/golf club/golf cart storage area is always maintained in an immaculate and presentable condition:
    o Insists on a clean and organized bag room for the storage of members and guests golf clubs
    o Maintains and orders an adequate inventory of member amenities (i.e. scorecards, pencils, tees, ball markers, and repair tools) as well as related golf cart supplies, towels, cleaning agents and range supplies.
    o Coordinates with golf maintenance for the replenishment of divot repair sand.
    o Establishes a program and routine for the daily removal of litter and recycling.
    o Maintains, orders parts and/or repairs of the Club’s radios, earpieces and charging stations.
    • Responsible for the proper set-up, maintenance and management of the Club’s practice facilities to the Club’s established standards:
    o Aligning of bag racks, stocking of range baskets, towels and tees.
    o Continuously picking of the range and practice areas of balls.
    o Checking for balls embedded in the turf and errant balls in rough areas.
    o Setting the daily target yardages.
    o Seeing that all clocks on the range and buildings are set and working.
    o Attend to litter and recycling.

    • Executes the role of “Starter” for the club by developing routines and practices for the efficient starting of members and guests to ensure a smooth flow to the 1st tee and a responsible paly of play on the golf course:
    o Is an expert on the use, application and explanation of the Foretees software.
    o Records and tracks daily play on the tee sheet for the purpose of recordkeeping and billing.
    o Provides ample notice to members when their starting time is approaching including marshalling them from the practice areas.
    o Assists members and guests with starting instructions, Club policies and facilitates getting them on the tee.
    o Monitors play, marshals and addresses slow play when required to ensure the smooth movement of the golf course.
    o Reports slow play per the Club’s policy to the Head Professional.
    • Coordinates the Club’s Hallmark Independent Contractor Caddie Program:
    o Is familiar with the Independent Contractor Agreement
    o Responsible for the execution of all caddie selection and contracting.
    o Is familiar with caddie rates and communicates those rates to members.
    o Assists with the introduction of members/guests to the caddies.
    o Assists in resolving conflicts with independent contractors.
    o Insists on the maintenance, cleanliness and security of the Club’s provided Caddyshack.
    • Helps introduce new members and creates an atmosphere that fosters member relationships in finding games.
    • Organizes the weekly Men’s, Women’s and Couples games.
    • Coordinates the efforts of the Outside Services Staff in the setup and operation of the Club’s Tournaments.
    • Executes the bi-weekly payroll of the Outside Services Staff.
    • Helps the Head Professional in the adherence to the Club’s financials, budgets and expense management.
    • Organizes and facilitates member’s use of the river for fly-fishing.
    o Familiarizes themselves with the Club’s polices and helps communicate those policies to members and guests.
    o Insists on no fishing waders in the starting area and directs members/guests to the proper staging areas for fishing.
    o Organizes golf carts and directs members/guests on proper etiquette and river access.
    o Patrols the river and monitors non-member access to the river.
    • Other duties as assigned

  • Housing Allowance
  • Clothing Allowance
  • Playing & Practicing Privileges
  • Meal(s)
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