Start Date: ASAP
Total Compensation Range: including all areas of compensation $40,000-$42,000 annually
Compensation Components:
  • Hourly Wage
  • Club Repair
  • Lessons
  • Clinics
  • Professional Play
  • Holiday Bonus
  • Website NA Sea Pines Country Club

    Sea Pines Country Club provides a luxury lifestyle that feels like home to our members. We are a private club just inside the Sea Pines gate and our amenities include an 18-hole golf course, 7 tennis courts, 3 swimming pools, 4 pickleball courts, bocce, fitness classes, and much more. Our members enjoy our Clubhouse, including our fine dining and casual fare options. We are proud of our team, and our team is proud to be part of our club family! We would love to have you join us! Our friendly and diverse staff truly sets us apart from other club career opportunities in the area, not to mention the beautiful location and facilities of our Club. Our Commitment to You • Work-life balance • competitive pay rate commensurate with experience • Culture of constant improvement, including extended education and career training

    Type of Facility: Private - Member Owned
    Number of Holes: 18
    Rounds of Golf: 25,000-29,999
    Club's Season: Year-Round - Golf Season 12 Months
    Indoor Teaching Facility: Yes
    Gratuity Policy: Club Tips Allowed
    GBN Members Only

    Title: Assistant Golf Professional Start Date: ASAP
    Reports to: Director of Golf & 1st Assistant Golf Professional

    The goal of the golf operation is to achieve success. This can only be attained when we are working together as a team. For a team to be successful each member should know what is expected from them on a yearly and daily basis. The following is designed to assist you as a staff member with an overall understanding of the goals and requirements of your position.

    As a valued member of the Professional Staff, it is important to provide you with a detailed understanding of your specific responsibilities, as well as the criteria for how you will be evaluated at the end of the year. Of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    The Professional Staff Mission Statement

    Respecting one another while working as a team to exceed members and guest needs and expectations within the boundary of the rules and regulations of the Club. Our staff members will benefit from a positive and motivating environment that offers the opportunity to grow professionally while achieving the operational and financial goals of the Club.

    Purpose of the Golf Operation
    Contribute to the attainment of the member’s overall enjoyment of the club and the game of golf by making readily available:

     Professional guidance for the membership and staff.

     Comprehensive instructional programs and teaching skills.

     The desired administrative and support facilities.

     A complete golf shop that carries merchandise to meet the needs and expectations of the membership.

     Recruit and retain a professional staff that successfully services the entire needs of the membership.

     Continue to educate and improve yourself as a member of the team.

    Overall Criteria:
    As a member and leader of the Professional Staff, each day you will be evaluated on the following criteria:

     Attitude
     Professionalism
     Service Level
     Knowledge
     Appearance
     Accommodations of Members & Guests

    General Criteria:
    This can be specifically broken down into the following areas, which will provide the basis for your formal evaluation at the conclusion of the golf season.

     Engage the members and their guests when they walk into the golf shop.
     Always greet members and their guests in an appropriate and prompt manner.
     Quality of work product.
     Manner work is performed.
     Observance of the policies and procedures of the golf operation.
     Accuracy of work and demonstrates the ability to follow through on assigned tasks.
     Effectively and promptly responds to members’ and their guest’s concerns and/or problems.
     Prepares written reports and memos in a clear and concise manner.
     Maintains files, follows up on delegated tasks, and manages time well.
     Consistent and fair in managing others.
     Encourages other staff members’ involvement in making decisions.
     Has the ability to anticipate problems and address them in a prompt and appropriate manner.
     Demonstrates the ability to work independently.
     Encourages fellow employees to be creative.
     Tolerant when a fellow employee makes a mistake.
     Receptive to feedback from others.
     Maintains a balance between the overall objectives of the golf operation and its needs on a day-to-day basis.
     Takes initiative to make suggestions and decisions to improve the overall service of the golf operation.
     Goes beyond expectations to help a fellow employee.
     Communicates effectively with members and their guests.
     Has the ability to handle criticism objectively.
     Maintains composure and objectivity when confronted with problems.
     Is sensitive to the needs and expectations of fellow employees.

    Specific Responsibilities:
    As the Assistant Golf Professional, you will be specifically responsible for successfully carrying out the following duties:

     Oversee the entire golf operation in the absence of the 1st Assistant Professional.
     Maintain an active classification/apprenticeship in the PGA of America and involvement in the Chapter.
     Manage and oversee all aspects of the Sea Pines Men’s Golf Association.
     Build a service team culture that is positive and member first mindset.
     Oversee ForeTees for accuracy and coordinate event registrations.
     Spread hospitality, goodwill among all members and guests.
     Assist/conduct the member golf events and outside events.
     Assist with golf instruction and conduct clinics.
     Manage and oversee the development of Camp Sea Pines.
     Play with our members.
     Continue to work on your game.
     Represent Sea Pines Country Club in local, sectional, and national tournaments.
     Assist in making sure the golf shop is maintained in a neat and clean manner daily.
     Assist in creating the budget and handling budget variances under the Director of Golf’s direction.
     Assist in the monthly inventory.
     Coordinate the receiving and pricing of merchandise with the Merchandise Manager.
     Ensure the daily, weekly, and monthly procedures are being followed.
     Possess a thorough understanding of overall golf operation.
     Ensure that all golf shop supplies and all reports are maintained correctly.
     Perform all duties requested by General Manager and Director of Golf.
     Manage an efficient practice facility.
     Always promote the facilities, whether on or off the premises.
     Manage the handicap golf program.

  • Full Health Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits (401k Program)
  • Clothing Allowance
  • PGA Education Allowance
  • GBN Dues
  • Playing & Practicing Privileges
  • Meal(s)
  • Staff Equipment Deals
  • PGA Dues
  • PTO