Old Glory 1350

Wooden Handcrafted American Flags

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Note: due to the customized nature of these products ensure to review Old Glory 1350’s Ordering Policy below:
OG 1350 Ordering Policy
  1. Set-up Charges are $100 and applies per SKU for Qty of 5 or less units for OG1350’s Flag Pin Products, and all other customized products
  2. Orders of $5000 or greater require 20% down payment with major credit card (Down Payment date defines the start of order processing), and a Net 15 payment terms for remaining 80% on receipt of complete order shipment.
  3. Post Order Acknowledgement/Proofing Confirmation Change Orders
    1. Graphics changes charges are $100 per new SKU graphics
    2. Change Order on SKU Qty with increasing volumes follows order policy item 2 above, and decreasing volume changes of 20% or greater are charged 50% of the order value billed with payment terms of net 15.
    3. Order Cancellations are charged 50% of order acknowledgment value billed upon cancellation with payment terms net 15

Contact Derrick with any questions – dgarrou@golfbusinessnetwork.com

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