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Executive Search and Recruitment

Locate your next leader through GBN


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Gain different levels of access and benefits based on GBN’s customized membership categories including GBN Staff Program, PGA Professional, Assistant Professional & Instructor.

Member Golf Program

Arranging member play at quality away clubs can require a significant time investment in communication and follow up. The GBN’s Reciprocal Program and its Stay and Play partnership with the Dormie Network offers access to quality clubs and streamlines the process, opening valuable time for staff and ensuring member satisfaction.

Professional Development

PGA Professionals face the challenge of balancing their professional development with their ongoing responsibilities and duties at their club. The GBN University courses are designed to maximize time, offer valuable content and provide accessibility convenient to your schedule.


PGA Professionals, Club Leadership, and Golf Industry Vendors all face daily challenges of leadership, strategy, and execution.  We engage with these different groups and leverage the power of the network to solve their problems.  From our own research, network surveys, and access to the GBN Member expertise, GBN has the ability to help anyone willing to leverage the power of the Network.

Vendor Partners

To grow their business vendors seek to enrich their association with the top PGA Professionals. We offer access to marketing and relationship building programs that give vendors a direct connection to GBN members resulting in the opportunity for quality feedback and measurable ROI.

Live Events

GBN’s Event calendar is filled with opportunities to network, self improve, host club members, and even get the chance for some friendly competition on the golf course.  Our events support the concept of “work hard, play hard” and helps provide camaraderie and fraternity in the GBN Membership.

“The reciprocal program is great. Using the GBN website really simplifies the request process. It has definitely been a nice service for our members.”

Stephen Doyle

Vesper Country Club
“GBN helped me tremendously in every facet of my negotiation. They have all of the information you need and they take the time to teach you how to best use this information with your employer.”

Steve Scott

“It’s great to be involved again with this organization. I’m pleased to see the development in the services GBN offers to the PGA Professional.”

Bob Ford

Seminole Golf Club
“GBN identified demographics and operational areas we can now make actionable improvements on. Our club president was thrilled with the report GBN provided.”

Chad Ayres

Fort Wayne Country Club
“GBN has helped me improve my business skills, helping to make the golf shop more professional and profitable. It has been a great investment that has proven to be invaluable in making me a well rounded golf professional.”

Jon Turk

East Hampton Golf Club

“What GBN is doing makes me very proud to be a part of the organization. They really care about us as golf professionals.”

Jason Ballard

Oak Hill Country Club

“Based on what happened after I reviewed it with my club leaders, I can say that the compensation survey from GBN changed my life. It?s hard to express the value I get from GBN.”

Jason Lamp

Deal Golf & Country Club
“Every significant hire I have made has come through the GBN job board.”

Chip King

Grandfather Golf & Country Club