Vendor Partnering


To grow their business, vendors seek to enrich their association with the top PGA Professionals. We offer access to marketing and relationship building programs that give vendors a direct connection to GBN members resulting in the opportunity for quality feedback and measurable ROI.

Target Marketing

GBN provides Vendor Partners marketing services for vendors seeking to increase their brand awareness and sales.  The process starts by gathering market intelligence based on the Vendor Partner strategy.  Then GBN and the Vendor Partner co-create a customized and targeted marketing campaign optimized to deliver high quality leads and sales.  Additionally, Vendor Partners get feedback on their campaign efforts through advanced data and analytics. Our goal is to provide the highest quality leads for Vendor Partners in order to maximize their conversion rates.


Meeting up with the GBN Membership is a great way to promote your brand.  GBN offers multiple opportunities throughout the calendar year to connect with our Membership one on one and face to face through GBN hosted events. GBN Vendor Partners get preferred sponsorship opportunities to events like the Bob Ford Pro-Pro Championship, GBN Pro-Am Series tournaments, GBN Leadership Retreats, GBN’s Annual Meeting at the PGA Show, and more.  Check out our GBN Event Calendar Here to see what GBN has scheduled for events.

Inside Sales

The GBN Team has a strong connection to the Membership.  We are constantly sharing opportunities and ideas within the network, and we have some of the highest membership engagement scores of any industry  Through leveraging our own internal communications and our “Shop Now!” platform we offer to Vendor Partners the ability to extend their sale force and product reach.  This service is most beneficial to vendors who have very unique and customizable products, and who would like to increase their sales team capability without having to add costs in labor and travel.