The following strategies are to be utilized when preparaing for an interview. These keys provide a foundation for all Assistant Professionals to be aware of during their preparation process. 


Utilize the 5 P’s

Prior  Preparation  Prevents  Poor  Performance


Homework on the club

What makes the club tick & how is it organized

Tournament Program

Annual rounds of golf

Size and scope of instructional program

Outside events


Understanding the makeup of the Selection Committee


Golf Chairman

Good Player

Junior Golf Parent

Women’s Chairmen


Prepare for the first three minutes

Opportunity to want them to hear more

Must know it cold


Determine the qualities you want the Selcetion Committee to know anout you in each facet of the golf operation

What qualities do you possess that you want them to know anout you

What seperates yourself from other candidates


Proper utilization of support materials

Pictures are worth a 1,000 words