"work smarter" - time management training

“Time-management is the best kept secret of the rich.” ― Jim Rohn

The impact of the pandemic has carried with it unprecedented increases in volume and a challenging labor shortage to the golf industry.  No group is more aware of this than PGA Professionals.  However, even with success most clubs are experiencing, the Golf Professionals are challenged more than ever.  Customer service expectations remain high, which means more effort, more time, and more stress as you work to meet the demands you’re facing every day.

Therefore, managing all of your priorities, responsibilities, and tasks so nothing is slipping through the cracks is critical.

For some, this may seem like a monumental task in itself.  For others, you’re already doing well but know you still could be better in this area.

The key in both cases, is understanding the fundamentals of productivity, so you can:

    • gain control of your work-load,
  • feel confident that you can get everything done…and
  • rest easy knowing nothing is being missed


It’s possible!

There’s huge opportunity in the golf boom we’re now experiencing.  As we progress, continued success will rely on our ability to retain golfers, not just attract them.  That means, the most successful facilities, and therefore the most successful Golf Professionals, will be living in this busy environment for years to come.  Understanding how to succeed in this climate is a must for long-term sustainability.

The “Work Smarter” training from GBN University will coach you to understand how to grab a hold of your most important responsibilities and work with a calm confidence so you can handle everything that’s coming at you.  You will learn how to create a system that works best FOR YOU, based on your needs and the needs of the people around you.  While you can’t stop the golfers from playing, the emails from flowing in, or the phone from ringing, you can build a process that allows you to manage it all….in the hours that you’re already working.


“Work Smarter” is made up of (4) 60 minute sessions over 4 weeks. We’ll meet on a live video call where you’ll learn the principles of “Healthy Productivity“, including:

  1. You’ll understand the mindset that the most productive people share and build your productivity “muscles”
  2. You’ll build a system that will allow you to work with confidence & comfort knowing you’re getting everything done for everyone that needs it.
  3. You’ll build the habits that generate change and will take you from “stressed to success”.

“Healthy Productivity”:

the mindset that empowers users to take control by eliminating the need to remember, avoiding distraction, and prioritizing tasks with the highest impact first, ultimately providing the freedom to succeed in work and in life.

Session One: Taking Control and Making an Impact

Your value (and your ability to make progress in your career) is determined by the impact that you make. To make an impact, you must determine your “Three R’s”…your Role, your Responsibilities and the Results you’re expected to produce. Your “Three R’s” set the stage for defining your priorities, and a consistent focus on your priorities…sets you up for success.

We’ll determine where you’re currently spending your time and evaluate if there’s a disconnect between the tasks you’re investing in and the real priorities of your position.

You’ll begin to understand “The Productivity Pipeline” which will become your framework for checking off tasks with efficiency and effectiveness.

This first session will bring clarity into your current situation and provide the high level view of where you’re succeeding and where your opportunities exist for improvement.

This is the beginning of taking control of your priorities, which provides a relieving sense of confidence and a reduction in stress…finally.

Session Two: Building Your System for Success

Following your assignment from Session One, we’ll get into the tactics to build your full-proof success system. This is where the effort you put in starts to pay off.

What should you use to capture all of your tasks, reminders, and random “stuff” into one place?

What’s better…digital or pen and paper?

Once I collect all my tasks…what do I do next?

What about my calendar?

Start taking action steps to accomplish more.

This is the backbone of your system, and once in place, will help you work with ease.

Session Three: Avoiding the Email Trap and Getting to “Inbox Zero”

Email…the necessary evil. Get proactive and learn how to efficiently process your email without missing all of the tasks and responsibilities that lie inside each message.

Learn how to be “responsibly responsive” and put an end to the pinging, the dinging and obsessive checking of email.

You’ll learn how to spend minutes (not hours) per day processing email that will ignite your productivity and lift the weight of an overloaded inbox off your shoulders.

Yes…it’s possible

Session Four: Ending Procrastination and Building Success Habits

We’re all guilty of procrastination…in fact, some of us are “professional procrastinators”. But there are reasons why and there are tactics we can apply to combat procrastination.

The success of our system comes down to the habits that we create to make the system work. In this final session, you’ll develop daily and weekly habits that while small in nature, can exponentially change your life. It’s the compounding effect of habits, day in and day out, that will allow you to make the greatest impact over time.

And there you have it…

4 hours of time invested in developing the systems and methods that could transform your ability to achieve your goals. When you feel the freedom of being in control of your time and your priorities, it will unlock a newfound sense of confidence.

When you look back, all that you achieve (or fail to achieve) in your career will be based on the decisions you make everyday. And the decisions you make are based on your priorities. It’s time to start focusing on making an impact.  


Thursdays: 3 PM – 4 PM EST

February 10th, 17th, 24th & March 3rd

All sessions will take place live on Zoom and be recorded for viewing later if anyone misses the session.

Work Smarter is an exclusive benefit for GBN Members.

Tuition: $149


Your Coach: Dean Kandle, PGA

With over two decades in the golf industry and 15 seasons as a Head Golf Professional, Dean not only brings his knowledge and expertise but a sincere passion for Professional Development. Dean has written over 50,000 words on the topic of Professional Development in articles and blog posts, as well as hosted 50 podcast episodes with industry leaders, authors and experts.  

He has carefully crafted and curated the educational content in each of his programs to specifically benefit PGA Professionals with practical and actionable information.

Dean’s Highlights:

St. Davids GC (Wayne, PA), Head Golf Professional, 2011-2021

Philadelphia Cricket Club (Flourtown, PA), Head Golf Professional, 2009-2010

Trump National, Bedminster (Bedminster, NJ) Head Golf Professional, 2008-2009

2020 Philadelphia PGA Golf Professional of the Year – 2019 & 2020 Philadelphia PGA Professional Development Award – 2018 Philadelphia PGA Bill Strausbaugh Award – PGA Certified, Golf Operations