By Adam C. Smith, PGA Golf Professional

  1. Take golf instruction from a PGA golf professional. Find a pro that you like and get coaching from him or her on a weekly basis.
  2. Play golf on a regular basis. Establish a golf day and play eighteen holes. Learn about what areas of your game need improvement and share this with your PGA golf professional.
  3. Practice swinging a club at home for five minutes every day. Make sure you are practicing what your golf pro has taught you. This is a great daily exercise on those days when you cannot make it out to the course to play or to the range to hit balls.
  4. Perform cardiovascular exercises such as running, walking, swimming or biking in order to get your heart rate up for thirty minutes a day. Of course, it is wise to consult your doctor first as to the duration and frequency of a cardiovascular program that is right for you.
  5. Exercise your strength and flexibility techniques by lifting weights in the gym and performing the thirty minutes of golf specific stretching as outlined in my fitness book, From the Ground Up.



Confidence – You will feel good about your strength and endurance and thus feel better about your golf game.

Longevity – You will extend the number of years that you can play.

Stamina – You will be able to go a full 18 or even 36 holes in one day.

Physical Soundness – Your will be stronger and thus able to prevent injuries.

Distance – You will be stronger and thus can increase your club head speed.

Direction – You will be more aware of the golf club positions and thus gain control of your golf shots.