By Adam Smith, PGA Golf Professional

As an assistant golf professional and a credible golf instructor, you know how important it is to be fit for golf! But, do you know the value of teaching a private golf fitness lesson to one of your golfing students, during the off season? Firstly as a lesson revenue generator and secondly as a platform to inspire all of your students to get into the proper swing positions.

You are the golf swing expert each and every time a student comes to you for a lesson. Why not be the body/swing connection expert as well?! I strongly suggest taking the time to teach fitness, or at least partner with a fitness expert, at your golf facility or at a nearby gym!

If you are an aspiring instructor who workouts on your own, then take your golfing students into the gym and show them what the golf pro works on! You do not have to be “certified,” although it does help…with credibility and general knowledge, but really, you’d be surprised by how many students will be inspired and motivated by a pro who can touch his/her toes and do ten pull ups. You do, however, need a good fitness outline! You need a plan! You need some students who are interested. And you need a gym.

If you are an assistant pro who is just beginning to teach lessons and you do not work out on your own, then hire a trainer, join a gym and after about a year of training, look into the many programs offered that teach a fitness training certification. For example, the Titleist Performance Institute, led by Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips, PGA and The PGA Center for Golf Performance and Learning, led by David Donnatuchi, PGA.

For those of you who workout on a regular basis, simply introduce your students to your own personal fitness plan, just like you would if you were showing a friend or a family member. The only difference is that you will be formally instructing and charging a lesson fee. Make the fitness fee the same as your lesson fee, just give a little more time. For me, my golf lessons are 45 minutes and my fitness lessons in the club’s gym are one hour. The same fee applies. In the gym, I teach for 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes of stretching and 20 minutes of strength training. I will be happy to share what I do in depth for each 20 minute segment, if you would like to reach me in person. Contact me to learn more tips in starting your own “golf specific” fitness campaign at your golf facility!