Here’s a great tip from AMF member Jeff Ritter in Tempe, Arizona. Jeff is a wiz at using the internet, YouTube and social media opportunities to build his teaching brand. One of the areas were Jeff really stands out is in using high quality photography. Hiring a photographer can get expensive, but there are some shortcuts that can help you make your website look a lot better even with the photos you currently have available.

One trick is to eliminate cluttered, ugly or distracting backgrounds in your photos. Jeff suggests that for AMF members who work on their own websites they use an online service in India called “Clipping Path” www.clippingpathindia.com

For $2.99 per image, they will pull the background out of any pic you send. Options are white, transparent or replace onto another background of your choosing! Good photography is tough for most pros to get. This allows for a decent image to really step up in production value.

This is a great way to improve those first impressions from potential students visiting your website or picking up one of your brochures. Check it out.