Michael Bryant, PGA – Seaview Golf Resort & Spa

I feel like there are many different answers to this question but I feel like I have a pretty good one.

At one point in my career I worked at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. The first time on property I walked into the golf shop and past a man washing the windows. Having never met the Head Professional I walked up to the counter and asked if he was around, the girl behind the counter called over the man washing windows. His name was Stephen Borror and I was blown away by the fact that here is a guy who could have easily told 15 different people to wash the windows but he chose to lead by example. By doing the little things Stephen just seemed like he had a unique attention to detail. Not to mention his employees loved working for him.

I have taken this attitude with me over the years. I don’t feel like it is right to ask any employee to do a task if I am not willing to do it myself. Whether it is cleaning carts when its busy, taking out the trash, or a number of other minor things. The way I look at it you have to be willing to do what ever is necessary to help your business succeed. I have also found that when working with your employees they are more responsive because they don’t feel your attitude reflects entitlement. This is just one way to motivate your employees. To make them feel as if they are part of something bigger than themselves. If you stand around barking orders, your employees will get the work done, but they won’t feel as if your part of the team.

I suppose you could say a great golf professional is one who always over projections or under budgets, but the best golf professionals know how to satisfy customers. The vast majority of customer dissatisfaction is because of poor employee interaction. It wasn’t because the round was slow or the greens were bad, it was how your employees handled the situation. If your employees feel they are part of a team they will be more inclined to perform better, making your operation more successful. Sometimes you have to satisfy your employees to satisfy your customers.