So you’re wondering how do your students really stack up with the players on the PGA Tour when it comes to putting? The part of the game which Tom Watson once noted: “anyone of average coordination and athletic ability should be able to become the best putter in the world.”

So how good are PGA Tour players on the greens? Now you can go to PGATOUR.COM http://www.pgatour.com/r/strokes-gained-putting-baseline/index.html and print out the Strokes Gained-Putting: Baseline Probabilities Chart which tells you exactly what the PGA Tour players results are from every distance on the green.

Check it out, it’s pretty good information to have when discussing putting with your students.

A few highlights from the PGA Tour’s vast collection of data:

At 3 feet Tour pros make 95%
At 5 feet Tour pros make 75%
At 7 feet, 10 inches, Tour pros make 50%
At 14 feet, Tour pros make 25%
At 25 feet, Tour pros make 10%

At 30 feet, Tour pros three-putt 5% of the time
At 40 feet, Tour pros three-putt 10% of the time