Well we know that most golfers don’t take formal instruction, in fact one survey found that roughly 50% of all golfers have never taken a formal lesson, but that still leaves a lot of people looking for help with their games.

The National Golf Foundation (NGF) has found that 26% of Core Golfers, or about 3.8 million golfers in the United States seek instruction each year with 82% of these golfers wanting private lessons. The survey also found that about 4% of Core Golfers have attended a golf school of at least two days in length.

If you are trying to identify the ideal candidate golfer who is most likely to be seeking out instruction the demographics favor a 50-year-old female with household income over $150,000, who plays more than 50 times a year and is a member of a private club.

There was also a strong correlation between lesson taking and training aid purchases. Over half of those (52%) who purchased a training aid in the past year also took golf instruction versus just 18% of Core Golfers who purchased a training aid.